Update: Dog caught in crossfire of new anti-tether law rescued

Update: Ding Ding, the dog who was surrendered as a result of the new anti-tether law in Walton County, has been rescued by a group in another county. He was transported to the rescue today by volunteers with ETC Georgia.

Don’t miss the video that shows his true character

MONROE, GA (April 7, 2023) – Walton County recently passed a new Animal Control ordinance that included a strong anti-tethering clause. This is something that advocates have been lobbying for for many years. But one dog could be caught in the crossfire unless someone steps up to rescue, foster or give him the forever life he has been denied for so long.

“This dog has been sitting in Animal Control for three weeks now, and he is here because of the new ordinance that we pushed for. His owner was not happy with the new ordinance, and he wanted to keep him chained up. When the officer threatened with a citation, he just surrendered him to the officer in the field,” said Melissa Bowdoin, founder of Forgotten Animals of Walton County and one of the advocates who had pushed for the anti-tether ordinance. “If this dog gets put down, it is going to crush my soul because he is in there partly because of me and the rest of us that pushed for this ordinance.”

Named Ding Ding by Animal Control, he is a brindle cross Shar-Pei Chow Chow male that is described as “friendly, good with children and other dogs” and is up to date on his vaccinations. Since he was a surrender, his count down began on March 17 when his former owner chose not to keep him.

If you are in any position to help in any way, or you know somebody who may be, this dog is in desperate need of a second chance at a great life. You can see his information at this link, and look at the video that shows just what a smart, happy dog he is, despite his previous sad existence.

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