Update: Dog missing after accident found seriously injured two weeks later

Update from Emily Goldstein

For two weeks, Amber Vincent was in a desperate search for her beloved dog Marleigh that went missing after she was in an accident in Bowman, Ga. that left her in the ICU with serious injuries. Marleigh had been in the car with her at the time and ran off.  

On Monday, Oct. 1, Marleigh was discovered by an exterminator underneath the crawlspace beneath a house. She was unable to walk and Amber needed immediate help. It was determined that the dog had survived under the house for two weeks with no food or water, but more seriously – her spine was broken.

My pet group on Facebook. Lost and found pets of Gwinnett and Walton counties, sprang into action. In less than 20 minutes it had already $800 raised enough money to walk in the dog emergency care facility.
After tests and by 6 o’clock in the morning we originally thought she needed surgery to fix her broken spinal cord. Now days later, this is where we are.
After re-examining her and test results it was determined that whether the surgery was performed or not it most likely would yield the same results. That she will most likely never walk again. So where we are right now is allowing her spine to heal by giving her medication to keep her happy in her current state to allow for spine to actually heal on its own instead of surgery. What is this all mean? Healing here does not mean cured , or repaired . She will no longer be able to walk without a wheelchair and we are working on getting a wheelchair customized for her. She no longer will be able to go outside and potty – she will be required to wear diapers. Her momma, Amber, is 100 percent committed to taking care of her baby for her lifetime. We are working together with UGA to anticipate her needs we are grateful for your support. We will change her GoFundme to the new goal. As surgery is not needed, but She remains at UGA receiving treatment . They estimate eight weeks before she’s at the point that she can get herself in a wheelchair and that spine won’t be in danger . I can’t tell you how at 1:30 in the morning still watching all of you commenting even some of you at 3:30 in the morning..Donating even about at that hour asking for updates at that hour.. you all make me proud that you’re part of something bigger in a world that has so much unkindness in it so much hate .. I love you guys.

Click or tap on this GoFundMe link to help Amber and Marleigh’s situation.

Initial story

On September 16th Amber Vincent formerly of Loganville Was in a terrible accident in Bowman GA with her beautiful dog Marleigh. Amber has been recovering and remains in the hospital and is desperately searching for her dog. Amber says she feels she cannot heal without her. Her GPS stopped at the location of the accident where her dog went missing. 1824 Highway 172 Bowman Georgia. Please help us find her and bring some more healing to Amber. Call or text 678 523 6263

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