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House focuses on childcare and adoption
House Bill 250, by Rep Mandi Ballinger, is bipartisan legislation providing support for Georgia’s foster parents and foster children. This measure permits flexibility for the Department of Family and Children’s Services with regard to processing background checks and placing children with caring families. The measure passed unanimously.
House Bill 159, by Rep Bert Reeves, substantially revises and modernizes Georgia’s adoption statutes incorporating ‘best practices’ in support of the ‘best interests’ of children, birth parents, and adoptive parents. This bill also passed unanimously.
The House streams most meetings live and you will find a broadcast schedule here.

House Committee Meetings

Senate Committee Meetings

Rep. Harrell passes HB 41 in the House this week.
Nearing crossover day . . .
HB 41, passed the House this week with a single no vote and is now before the  Senate Regulated Industries and Utilities Committee. This bill provides an innovative approach to education for our best students of Architecture to achieve licensure in approximately 7 years rather than the 12 year average will be heard in . The bill is supported by the Savannah College of Art and Design, Kennesaw State University, and Georgia Tech.
HB 353 that I authored passed out of Subcommittee and is now before the full House Regulated Industries Committee. This bill makes a number of consumer friendly modifications to Georgia’s Title Pawn industry seeking to end the cycle of debt, providing options for borrowers to reduce interest rates, and guaranteeing the return of excess proceeds should a vehicle be sold in the case of a default.
HB 204 prohibiting the billing of tack-on fees on your property tax bill passed the Ways and Means Committee last week and is now before the House Rules Committee. You simply shouldn’t lose your home over a garbage bill (it is legal today) or risk a lien on your property for a tack-on fee such as nuisance abatement or storm water (it is happening today). Supporters of your private property rights include Georgia Realtors, Bankers, Engineers, Architects, Credit Unions, Mortgage Bankers, Independent Business, and many, many more. Numerous City and County Elected Officials also support this measure. Among the 82 co-signers on the bill are former Mayors, Commissioners, and Tax Officials.
I Chaired the second hearing of a Special Subcommittee on HB 248 authored by Rep. Trey Kelley to determine Georgia’s regulatory environment for autonomous vehicles this week.I anticipate revised language this week that may permit us to move the bill to the full House Transportation Committee.
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