Update: Gwinnett County educators leave in wake of cheating scandal


The AJC is reporting that nine educators, including the principal of Grace Snell Middle School in the Loganville area of Gwinnett County, have either resigned or retired in the wake of the Milestones Test cheating scandal.

Initial Story:

A teacher at Grace Snell Middle School in the Loganville area of Gwinnett County has been accused of giving students the answers in advance of the math portion of the Milestones Test.  The school in question is Grace Snell Middle School located on Brushy Fork Road in Loganville.

According to a letter sent home with students by Grace Snell Middle School principal Allen Craine, the math teacher is accused of providing students with the Georgia Milestones Formula Sheet prior to them taking the math portion of the test and allowing them to make notes on the sheet. She then allegedly allowed them to use it as a study guide while they were taking the test.

“This practice is not allowed and has been reported to the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE),” Craine wrote in the letter. “As the investigation into this matter is ongoing both at the state and local level there is little else I can share. Should it be determined that any school staff violated state or local testing procedures appropriate personnel action will be taken.” 

Craine went on to say some of the students may be asked to retake the math portion of the test. The retest is currently scheduled for Wednesday, June 26, after summer school.

“We take any allegation regarding questionable testing practices very seriously as the assessment is a key piece of the teaching and learning process. Our students are important and we have a responsibility to ensure that they have learned the curriculum and are ready for the future,” Craine said in the letter.


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