Update: Gwinnett County Public Schools closed Tuesday


Gwinnett County Public Schools will be closed Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019

Gwinnett County Public Schools will be closed on Tuesday, January 29, 2019, due to the threat of inclement weather and the possibility of black ice forming in areas of the county. The day will be a Digital Learning Day for students and identified staff. 12-month staff should report at their normal start time unless conditions do not permit safe travel.

Again, tomorrow will be a Digital Learning Day for Gwinnett schools.


Gwinnett County Public Schools


Now that the potential for some snow in the Metro Atlanta area, local schools and government offices are keeping an eye on just when the cold and precipitation will converge in the area. At this time, Georgia Gwinnett College has announced that it will not be open Tuesday and Gwinnett Public Schools are expected to make an announcement one way or the other soon. At this time, Walton County remains out of the winter weather advisory are, but local officials still have their eyes on any potential changes.

“No changes to this week’s schedule have been made at this time. Our team will continue to monitor the weather and make any adjustments needed,” said Callen Moore, public relations officer for Walton County School District.

Initial story

Cold enough for you yet? We have been watching the advanced weather forecasts for the second half of January for a couple of weeks now and potential snow forecasts have been drifting in and out of what some believe will be very, very cold temperatures. Since there has not been anything concrete to share, and really still is not, we’ve held off. However, it seems that those in the know, such as North Georgia Weather, seem more and more confident that our chances of this all coming together in the near future are on the increase, but it looks like most of Walton County is out of the mix, at least for this week. Tuesday, however, does hold promise for some.

Loganville has an outside chance for a little snow early Tuesday morning, according to Weather.com, but the rest of us look like we’re just in for a cold rain before the temperature drops down to the low 20s. Snellville, and the rest of neighboring Gwinnett County, however, are under a Winter storm Watch

As the past has shown though, predictions don’t necessarily pan out as expected or as we would like them too. So, just to be on the safe side, now may be a good time to put a couple of loaves of bread in the freezer and buy some long-life milk! As you know, just a hint of the possibility of snow on the horizon can empty the shelves in a heartbeat!


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