Update: How to donate in wake of horrific act of violence on innocent dog

We need a hero, Will you be his hero? Update The incredible rescue that responded immediately for him was Pup & Cat Co. Max (what we are calling this baby) was taken to their vet and received emergency care totaling $382.99. The money for that part of his treatment has been raised but there is a lot more necessary to make Max whole again. He has been taken to UGA Veterinary Hospital and will be having back surgery tomorrow. Society of Human Friends of Georgia has taken over this fundraiser and will need to raise upwards of $7,000 for this. Please click or tap on this link to follow his progress and help with donations if you can. Initial story Yesterday in Monroe witnesses saw the unthinkable. Now we are now reaching out for a rescue to save this baby. According to witnesses, this dog was thrown out of a moving vehicle on Breedlove Drive in Monroe. The women could be seen laughing with their windows open and when the dog landed on the road they stop their vehicle and backed up over him several times while continuing to laugh. He has sustained serious spinal injuries that require a spinal fusion. He is able to pull back legs away from the vet !! He’s not paralyzed. Police on the scene spoke to witnesses and the dog was released to one of the witnesses to seek help. This baby so loving, all through all his pain and he’s only estimated to be two years old. Walton County animal control has been advised of the situation and tomorrow will be 72 hours that nobody has come forward for him. We desperately need a rescue that we all can pledge to raise money to save this baby and not allow the women that did this to him end his fate. Will you be his hero? Local animal advocates are begging for a rescue to be his hero? Emily Goldstein

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