Update: Loganville rejects request for recount in municipal elections


The City of Loganville has rejected a request by one of the candidates for a recount of the Loganville municipal elections on Nov. 5 that resulted in the three top vote-getters winning a seat on the City Council. The successful candidates were newcomer Bill DuVaal who got 465 votes, incumbent Councilman Jay Boland who got 410 votes and Councilwoman Linda Dood who got 367 votes. With 344 votes, Femi Oduwole missed getting that third place by 23 votes and requested a recount. However, that does not qualify for a recount according to city officials.

“We have received Mr. Oduwole’s request and, after conferring with various local and state officials as well as our attorney, it has been determined that the election results do not meet the threshold pursuant to state law to require a recount,” said Robbie Schwartz, spokesman for the City of Loganville.

The law governing recounts in Georgia is Code. 21-2-495 (c) (1). Click or tap on the link to read the full code.



Femi Oduwole at the Loganville Candidate Forum for the Nov. 5, 2019 elections.

The top three vote-getters in Loganville’s municipal elections Nov. 5 go on to serve a four-year term on the Loganville City Council. Those were the two incumbent Councilmembers Jay Boland and Linda Dodd, who qualified for re-election, and newcomer Bill DuVaal who actually garnered the most votes at 465. Boland and Dodd got 410 and 367 votes respectively. Femi Oduwole, who earned 344 votes, missed getting on the council by 23 votes. He is contesting the results of the election. Fifth place finisher was Misty Cox who earned 287 votes. City of Loganville spokesman Robbie Schwartz confirmed that the results are being contested.

“A candidate submitted via email after midnight last night requesting a recount of the votes from the election,” Schwartz said. The City of Loganville is awaiting information from the state to see if a recount is warranted.

Initial Story

Five candidates qualified to run for three at-large seats in the Loganville Municipal elections with the two incumbents and one new councilman being the top three vote-getters to be sworn in in January 2020.

Councilman-elect Bill Duvall was the top vote getter, followed by incumbent Councilman Jay Boland and incumbent Councilwoman Linda Dodd. Duvall effectively takes the place on the council of retiring Councilman Skip Baliles who term limited himself after serving two terms.

A total of just 748 ballots were cast (94 from Gwinnett County and 654 from Walton) with less than 9 % (8.8%) of the 8,472 registered voters casting a ballot.

The following were the results of the election.

Loganville City Council – 3 At-large Seats

Jay Boland (i)   419

Linda Dodd (i)  367

Femi Oduwole   344

Misty Cox     287

Bill DuVall    465

Results from City of Loganville spokesman Robbie Schwartz.

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