Update: Major Humphrey’s Micro-brewery has found a home in Monroe

First we heard about the new Micro-brewery and Taproom coming to Monroe, but we didn’t know where. Then we heard about a partnership between the City and private investors that would result in a Downtown Green in Monroe. But we were not sure what was going to happen to the old fertilizer plant that stood at one end of the property to become that town green. Saturday, Major Humphrey’s Brewery Company just put out this video announcing that it had found its new home! The combination makes for an exciting extension to Monroe’s downtown area. Watch the video for the announcement.
Initial story
More exciting news for downtown Monroe comes with the recent announcement that Monroe is on schedule to bring a Micro-brewery and Taproom to Walton County early next year. Four local residents have announced plans to open Major Humphrey’s Micro-brewery and Taproom at a still to be announced location downtown.
“We are hoping to open our permanent location in downtown early 2019, which will include the micro-brewery and large taproom. Our desire is to build a relaxing community hub that locals can enjoy, while also attracting craft beer enthusiasts from outside of Monroe,” said Lily Bilsland who, with her husband, David, and business partners Shaun and Brittany Berube plan on opening Major Humphrey’s Brewing Co. “They are friends from church – both are craft beer home brewers and we feel the timing is perfect for a venture like this in Monroe.”
Bilsland said, with the new entertainment district ordinances that were recently passed, they are excited to be able to bring this venture to Monroe. In the meantime, as they iron out plans and settle on a location, the will be giving the community an opportunity to taste their products and get in on the excitement of this new venture.  The four introduced some of Major Humprey’s products to the community at the farm to table dinner in downtown Monroe on Saturday night.
From left: David Bilsland, Lily Bilsland, Brittany Berube, Shaun Berube, partners in Major Humphrey’s Micro Brewery and Taproom headed for Monroe, Ga. in early 2019. Contributed photo
“For now we are focused on the summer events and building our brand awareness around town,” Bilsland said. “With the new entertainment district ordinances that have passed, we are excited to be a part of upcoming events, including the First Friday concert in downtown. We will be the beer and wine vendor at the concerts, which is brand new for Monroe, and we will be serving samples of Major Humphrey’s beer there as well.”
Bilsland said they will be announcing the location as soon as the details have been worked out. In the meantime, you’re invited to like the Facebook page so you can follow the progress of Major Humprey’s Brewing Co.
Bilsland and her husband are not new faces to downtown Monroe. They also own Sailor Studio which opened on N. Broad Street in 2014.
With the recent announcements of Your Pie and South on Broad, there are some exciting new taste options headed for Monroe in the not too distant future. And stay tuned, word is there’s more to come!

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