Update: Man convicted in Walnut Grove murder and burying of the body in Barrow County



Walton County, (Sept. 3, 2022) – Michael Brent Huff, of Barrow County, was convicted on Sept. 1, 2022 in the murder and concealing of the body in the 2018 death of Montez Watson. (Contributed photo of victim Montez Watson)

According to a post from the Walton County District Attorney Randy McGinley, a Walton County jury found Huff guilty  of Felony Murder, Aggravated Assault, Possession of a Firearm During Commission of a Felony, Concealing the Death of Another, and Tampering with Evidence.

The charges against Huff were based on crimes that began on Feb. 7, 2018 when Watson was shot in the chest and back of the head at his girlfriend’s (Huff’s daughter) residence, killing him. The shooting took place in the bathroom, which was subsequently cleaned in an attempt to hide evidence of the death. Huff and an accomplice then took Watson’s body to Huff’s residence where he was buried near a shed.

Watson was first considered a missing person but due to the work of Walton County Sheriff’s Office Detective Drew Hudson and others, law enforcement was able to locate the site where Watson was buried. This subsequently led to the arrest of Huff and others.

The case was prosecuted by Chief Assistant District Attorney Amber Dally, Assistant District Attorney Tara Murphy, Investigator Greg Greene, Victim Services Director Kim Kelly, Victim Advocate Suzanna Maulfair, and Legal Assistant Lisa Knight. The Court set sentencing for a later date while Huff remains in custody.

“The teamwork of the Walton County GA Sheriff’s Office, the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and the DA’s Office was a huge part of the successful prosecution of Huff. This is a step towards justice for Montez Watson and a level of closure for his family,” McGinley said in the post.


Walton County Sheriff’s Office announced that Michael Huff and Mark Campbell were charged with felony murder and aggravated assault in Walton County on May 24th, 2018 following an investigation into the death of a Walton County man. Montez Watson was found buried on a property in Barrow County in early May, 2018.

“The charges were taken by the Walton County Sheriff’s Office based on the results of an investigation that determined Watson’s death occurred in Walton County,” WCSO announced on its Facebook page.

“Michael Huff, Jennifer Huff, Mark Campbell, and Wanda Campbell are still facing charges in Barrow County in reference to concealing the death of another and tampering with evidence.”

WCSO said this is still an active investigation and more information will be forthcoming at a later time.


Walton County Sheriff’s Office report that after a positive identification was make of the body found buried on a Barrow County property as that of Montez Watson, 32, warrants were obtained for Michael Brent Huff and Jennifer Louise Huff in connection with the case. The warrants were for concealing the death of another and tampering with evidence. Jennifer Huff was located in North Carolina and taken into custody and Michael Huff turned himself in to the Barrow County Detention Center on May 10. Both were scheduled to have a first appearance in a Barrow County court room on May, 11, 2018.

Update: Although no official identification has been made, Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman said the body located in Barrow County is believed to be a man who went missing from Walton County in February 2018. Montez Watson, 31, was reported missing from the Walnut Grove area of Walton County since Feb. 1, 2018.

“We believe it to be him based on statements from the investigation,” Chapman said. “We still haven’t determined where the murder took place. That’s what we are working on now.”

Friends of the missing man are reporting that arrests have been made in this case.

Chapman confirmed that “some arrests have been made, but not directly related to the murder.”

Maj. Damien Mercer with the WCSO confirmed that the home in Walnut Grove that was searched on May 2, 2018 was related to the investigation.


Walton County Sheriff’s Office Maj. Damien Mercer said that Walton County’s involvement in the investigation began on Tuesday when they were notified that a body had been located in Barrow County.

“Though investigative techniques we followed up and thought it could be linked to a case in Walton County, but we are not certain of that at this time,” Mercer said.

A home in the Walnut Grove area of Walton County has been cordoned off with crime scene tape and is being searched at the same time as authorities in Barrow County work to recover the body.

Nellie Miles, public information officer with the GBI, confirmed that human remains have been recovered from a property located at 1051 Fleeman Road in Barrow County.

“There has not been a positive identification made on the remains. Our agency is working in conjunction with the Barrow and Walton County Sheriff’s Offices,” Miles said. “We will provide updates as the death investigation progresses.”

Initial Story:

The Barrow County Sheriff’s Office announced that it is being assisted by the Walton County Sheriff’s Office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation with a death investigation off Fleeman Road in Barrow County.

Barrow County Sheriff’s Office has referred any request for further information to the GBI who is the lead agency on the investigation. WSBTV is reporting that this is in regards to a body located off Fleeman Road with possible links to Walton County.

We are awaiting a response from the GBI with further details.

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