Update: No change to runoff in Monroe mayoral race following recount


Walton County Board of Elections confirmed that following a recount there is no change to the mayoral runoff scheduled Dec. 5, 2017. The vote count remained the same with Sandra Shurling beating incumbent Mayor Greg Thompson to a place in the runoff by earning 10 votes more than he did in the Nov. 7 election. Thompson got 373 votes. Shurling, who earned 383 votes, will face off against John Howard, who got 536 votes.

Initial story

The Walton County Board of Elections confirmed that current Mayor Greg Thompson has requested a recount in the results of the Nov. 7 Monroe Mayoral elections. Thompson fell short of being in a runoff with candidate John Howard by just 10 votes. Instead Sandra Shurling secured a place in the runoff by earning 383 votes. Thompson got 373 votes. Howard got 41.42 percent of the vote with 536 votes, falling short of the 50 plus one percent needed to win the election outright.

A spokesperson with the Walton County Board of Elections said that this was the only recount requested in the county’s municipal elections. A candidate has just two days from the date the results are certified to request a recount and the results were certified on Friday, making Monday the last day a recount could be requested. The recount will take place today, Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017.

District 8 incumbent Jimmy Richardson also fell short of making it to the runoff, but by a larger margin. He has not requested a runoff. Former mayor and municipal court judge David Dickinson is facing off against Lidia Garrett, wife of current Monroe City Councilman Norman Garrett, in the Dec. 5 runoff.

Incumbent Vice Mayor Wayne Adcock was reelected unopposed and newly elected Ross Bradley, who won outright with 68 percent of the vote in both the Special and General Election for the District 3 seat, will be sworn in before the Monroe City Council meeting tonight. He will then take his seat on the council to fill out the remainder of the year for former councilman Nathan Purvis. He will then continue in January with the regular 4-year term for District 3.

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