Update: No significant change to races after Walton County re-count


With the review complete, the final vote tally for Walton County in the Nov. 3 General Election has been uploaded to the Secretary of State’s website.

According to Lori Wood, Chairwoman of the Walton County Board of Elections, the 284 votes that were found were the result of a card that came in from the City of Between that was somehow not uploaded. Once that was done, the final results were uploaded to the Georgia Secretary of State’s website well in advance of the 11:59 p.m. deadline tonight. Wood said the 284 votes in the presidential race included 225 for President Donald Trump’s ticket, 49 for former Vice President Joe Biden’s ticket and 10 for Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen’s ticket. The result gave Trump an additional 176 votes over Biden.

Uploading the card from Between included changing the figures down ballot, giving Incumbent Sen. David Perdue an additional 230 votes, and challengers Jon Ossoff (D) an additional 44 and Shane Hazel (L) an additional seven. According to reports in the AJC, this, nor with adding in any other additional votes found through similar situations in Fayette and Floyd counties, were significant enough to change the presidential race or to avoid a runoff between Perdue and Ossoff or any of the other runoffs.

The extra votes in the T-SPLOST just verified that voters in Walton County were not in support of the measure. The extra votes recorded an additional 113 for Yes and 157 for No.

For the full list of updated results for Walton County click or tap on this link. The initial results recorded before the recount can be found at this link.

Initial Story

The Walton County vote recount was completed at about 4 p.m. on Monday and a difference of about 223 votes was found – most in favor of President Donald J. Trump, according to Jenni Phipps with the Walton County Board of Elections.

Phipps said the audit revealed less votes for former Vice President Joe Biden and more for Trump, leading to a gain of about 200 votes for Trump. She said it appeared to be in the tally of the totals.

“We don’t know why there was a discrepancy. We are checking the data. There was a discrepancy in all three of the candidates for president. We now have to review the information,” Phipps said. The completion of the process has until midnight on Wednesday to be turned in.

The recount became necessary after Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced a full recount of Georgia counties for the presidential race. Little more than 14,000 votes in Georgia separated the two presidential candidates in Biden’s favor. Although at this time there appears to be enough votes to give Biden the win, there are legal challenges to procedures in several of the states that do have close results. There is no legal challenge in Georgia at this time, but the recount and review was ordered. According to press reports, about 2,600 votes were allegedly found in Floyd County during the recount, leading to a change of about 800 votes, also in Trump’s favor. That would close the gap, between the two counties, of about 1,000 more votes in Trump’s favor.

At this time we are not aware of results from the other counties. Only the presidential race was audited so we also do not know if any of these would have made a difference in any of the other races.

Loganville Mayor Rey Martinez was the audit monitor for the Republican Party with John Sauers and James Cooper assigned to the audit review. Ricardo Camaran was the audit monitor for the Democratic Party with Margaret Chambers and Tammy Van Dongen on the audit review.

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