Update on Walton Living Magazine 2020 Special Edition

As you know, we usually publish our Spring Summer issue about now. In fact, it was on schedule to be on the streets at the beginning of this month. We had most of the stories laid out and were in the process of getting the last of the photographs in and gathering the final ads and artwork when the shutdown hit. We initially just held off and expected it would publish a month or 6 weeks late. But as events were canceled, we quickly realized some of the ads we already had we would have to replace as they advertised spring events that were no longer going to happen.

Well, with the extended shutdown we’ve now experienced, and no idea just yet on when the end will be, we have decided that it will be in our and our advertisers’ best interests to just publish one issue this year. It will be a Walton Living 2020 special issue that will publish hopefully before the end of summer and we will add a focus on a rebirth of the community as we emerge from this pandemic. We will keep the stories we have already laid out – so if you missed the spring you were expecting, you will get to experience some of it in the pages of Walton Living 2020. We will add some other stories with more of a focus on Fall and Winter as we head into that season. It also will chronicle a little of how we survived the spring of 2020 and will pay tribute to those in our community on the front lines of the battle against the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020.

We are closely watching how the re-opening is going and as soon as we are able to give conclusive information on a publishing date, we will let you know when you can expect your special issue of Walton Living Magazine 2020!


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