Update: Police believe 8 armed robberies of Asian restaurants, including 2 in Loganville, are linked


Loganville Assistant Police Chief Dick Lowry said that Loganville Police Department is working with several other agencies in what they believe is a link between eight recent robberies of Asian restaurants, the last two on the same night. The Oriental Garden Restaurant in Loganville was robbed at gunpoint at about 9:15 p.m. on June 4 and 45 minutes later another Asian restaurant in Gwinnett County was hit.

“They went straight from Loganville to another restaurant in the Buford/SugarHill area. At the distance between two and the time, they must have gone straight there,” Lowry said. “I don’t know why they are targeting Asian restaurants, but they appear to be – and it makes me pretty angry right now. They are pretty cowardly on their part too. They hit two of the ladies in the face with a pistol. It is bad enough that they’re robbing these people who are doing nothing other than trying to make an honest living. In one of the other robberies, they went into the kitchen and placed a stun gun against the ear of someone working back there.”

The Hong Kong Kitchen in Loganville was targeted last month. Lowry said the modus operandi is very similar in all the cases.

“They are hitting them right at closing. They go in the back door and are in and out in seconds. In one case where we have surveillance, they were in and out in 28 seconds. Someone saw them with guns in the parking lot and called the police, who were on the way. But at 30 seconds you couldn’t get the call out and police there in time,” Lowry said, adding another item of concern was that, in some cases, they are also taking purses and wallets from some of the customers who are still in the restaurant at closing. “That is concerning because they then have personal affects, addresses and maybe keys.”

However, Lowry said LPD is working with authorities in Gwinnett, Conyers and Dekalb County and are making good progress and “following up on some promising leads.”


The alleged armed robbery at the Oriental Garden in Loganville took place at 9:15 p.m. Robbie Schwartz, spokesman for the City of Loganville Police Department, said the female employee who was injured was reportedly struck with a gun.

The suspects were described as two black men who were wearing masks at the time of the alleged incident.

“There are similarities between this robbery and the one at Hong Kong Buffet about a month ago but there are also differences,” Schwartz said. “As this is an active investigation really can’t comment too much more. But we are also reaching out to officials with the Gwinnett Police Department to assess if there are any connections with the reports of an Asian restaurant that was reportedly robbed an hour after this incident.”

Initial Story

Loganville, Ga. – Detectives with the City of Loganville Police Department are currently on the scene of an armed robbery reported at the Oriental Garden restaurant according to a spokesman with the City of Loganville.

“Initial reports are one person was allegedly injured at the scene and two suspects reportedly fled on foot. K9 units are in the area,” said Robbie Schwartz with the City of Loganville. “The person allegedly injured at the scene was an employee.”

No additional information is available at this time. The incident took place on Tuesday evening, June 4, 2019. Witnesses reported seeing the crime scene tape being set up at about 9 p.m.

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