Update: Second social media threat against a Walton County school surfaces Monday


A second social media threat was made against a Walton County School on Monday – this one against Youth Middle School. Walton County School District director of communications Callen Moore said they learned of the threat after school today. Walton County Sheriff’s Office was notified and again the suspect was identified and the threat deemed not to be credible.

WCSO has reported that the subject in that case also will face the consequences.

Initial story

MONROE, GA (Sept. 18, 2023) – Walton County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that a suspect is in custody this morning in connection with a social media threat to students at Carver Middle School for Monday morning.

The social media post that was shared multiple times Sunday warned students not to go to school Monday morning. It showed a photo of the school along with photos of guns. It read, “On sep 18 2023 I will come to carver middle school at 7.10 and shoot up the school. Don’t come tomorrow.”

Walton County Sheriff’s Office and Walton County Schools were aware of the threat and worked together to notify the public and assure them that they were taking the necessary precautions. They shared on social media that there would be large law enforcement presence on the Carver Middle School campus on Monday.

“We have taken immediate action and are working closely with local law enforcement to investigate this claim thoroughly and maintain a safe learning environment for all students. As an extra precaution, we will have an increased police presence on campus before students arrive and throughout the school day tomorrow. We will follow regular class schedules, including all after-school activities and practices. We appreciate your understanding and assure you that safety remains our top priority,” WCSO shared from Walton County Schools on the WCSO Facebook page.

Monroe Police Chief R.V. Watts said that Monroe Police also would have an increased police presence on the campuses of Monroe Area High School and George Walton Academy, which are in the Monroe City Limits. However, the threat was leveled specifically at Carver Middle School and the police presence at MAHS and GWA were just extra precautions.

Just after 8 p.m., WCSO Maj. Darren Vinson confirmed that they had somebody in custody, but declined to give any more information at the moment as the incident is still under investigation. He did post the following update on social media.

“We have suspect in custody reference the threat to Carver. There is nor was ever any danger. Parents, please talk to your children about the seriousness of threats even baseless ones. The result of doing this will be a very unpleasant experience to both child, and parent.”

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