Update: The man on Between sign in need of a kidney lost the battle before one could be found


There is a sad update to this story. Charles Tumlin unfortunately passed away earlier this week after having to undergo a double kidney removal while waiting for a healthy kidney. His family is devastated. Tonya Westmoreland, who was responsible for getting his name of the sign seen on Highway 78 in Between, posted the following update on Monday.

Amy Rhodes-Tumlin lost her other half yesterday and Brooklynn Paige Rhodes-Tumlin lost her father. We all lost a great man and a dear friend. Because Charles Tumlin had polycystic kidney disease he was uninsurable for life insurance. This will put a lot on Amy as far as funeral costs go. Amy would never ask for help so I am going to ask for her. If anyone would like to donate to help with funeral costs and everything else, Amy’s venmo is @Amy-Rhodes-Tumlin and PayPal is amycee269@aol.com. You can also Zelle using her cell number. Amy and Brooklyn, our hearts are with you.

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If you travel Highway 78 through Between, Ga. there would have been times you would have seen a banner giving the name and contact information for someone in need of an kidney donation. It was originally put up on her property by Jean Westmoreland for her son, Brad Westmoreland, who was in need of a kidney. Fortunately for him, his wife, Tonya, was a match for him and was able to give him the life saving kidney.

The family decided to use the location of the sign on the road to help others in the same predicament see if they could find a donor and opened it up to others. In the case of Kim Fuller, It was great to see the update that summer when the banner was able to give a positive update noting that a kidney had been found. Sadly it was not as lucky for the next transplant patient, Carol Williams, who went up after Fuller but did not manage to get a kidney in time to save her life.

But there is another person now who is also desperately in need of a kidney and the Westmorelands have opened up the board on Highway 78 to see if he could have the same successful outcome as Kim. The sign now bears the name of Charles Tumlin.

“If you’re traveling 78 to Athens thru Between we hope you see a sign, a sign to get tested to be a living donor for Charles. Each day he grows weaker with more pain than the day before. Without a life saving transplant this will only get worse and ultimately be the cause of death. Help us get the word out, consider being tested yourself and pray a kidney is found soon,” said Amy Rhodes-Tumlin. Thank you Tonya Westmoreland and Jean Westmoreland for allowing us this opportunity to further the word! And Robert Wales at All Stars Signs for the wonderful sign! Charles is 48, a father of one, a daughter, who he hopes to be able walk down the aisle one day and play with his future grandchildren, even if they are fur babies. There’s no one I think who deserves this life saving transplant more.”

Anyone who feels they would like to get tested to see if they could be a match and would like to consider being a living donor, they can call 404-605-4128 and get more information on the necessary procedure.

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