Update to potential golf cart ordinance for City of Monroe

The City of Monroe is likely to continue taking a look at amending its ordinance to allow for the use of “motorized carts,” otherwise know as golf carts, on city streets. The item was briefly discussed at Tuesday’s work session, with officials committing to continue considering the idea.

In January this year, the City of Social Circle amended its ordinance to allow for the use of golf carts on city streets. At Tuesday’s Called Council meeting, director of Monroe’s Code Department, Patrick Kelley, presented a draft ordinance to city officials, saying staff had taken a look at other cities that have implemented similar policies. He outlined some of the policies, and restrictions, that would apply should the city decide to adopt such an amendment to allow for people with golf carts to drive them on Monroe’s city streets.

“The carts would have to meet minimum state lighting standards and there would be permitting requirements through the code office,” Kelley said. “Owners would have to have insurance on vehicle and its only operation would be on streets with speed limits up to 35 mph.”

Kelley said the operators of the cart would have to have drivers license or be with a driver of legal age, something that city officials wanted more clarity on, and vehicles that would qualify for permitting would have to have a speed of at least 20 mph.

“They would have to follow all the road laws and would also have to have a slow moving vehicle emblem,” Kelley said.

Streets, such as Broad Street, that is a state road as well as a city road, would qualify Kelley said. This is in keeping with the state law that allows for golf carts on roads with a maximum speed of 35 mph.

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