Update: Toddler backed over by lawnmower in stable, but critical condition


Maj. Damien Mercer with Walton County Sheriff’s Office said an accident that resulted in a toddler being backed over by a lawnmower on Wednesday morning was just that – an accident.

“We have investigated and unanimously agree that there was no criminal intent, it was just a horrific accident,” Mercer said. He went on to say that the 18 – 20-month-old was transported to the hospital in a stable, but critical condition.

Initial Story:

Walton County Fire Rescue reported it is currently on the scene of a medical call involving a toddler. The child is being life-flighted from Loganville Middle School to a pediatric facility. WCFR confirm that no students from either Loganville Primary School or Loganville Middle School were involved.

“The landing zone for the air ambulance was established at Loganville Middle School due to the proximity of the call,” Batallion Chief Craig League from WCFR said.

No other details are available at this time other than the reason for the medical emergency was an accident and Walton County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

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