Update: Transformer fire at Monroe Power Plant contained but likely an ongoing morning incident

MONROE, GA (May 8, 2024) – Walton County Fire Rescue and Monroe Fire Department are on the scene of a large transformer fire at the Mackinaw Monroe Power Plant on Cherry Hill Road in the City of Monroe.

“This is at the natural gas power generation plant. The fire is contained to the power generating transformer. These transformers contain a large amount of highly refined mineral oil,” WCFR Assistant Fire Chief Craig League said. “That’s what is currently burning. Firefighting efforts are still underway.”

Monroe Fire Chief Andrew Dykes said at about 8:40 that he spoke to the officer in charge who was coming off duty and learned that the fire is currently contained to one transformer unit that is surrounded by a large concrete enclosure.

“There is no risk of fire spread to any other structures on the location but this will be an ongoing event throughout the morning,” Dykes said.

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