Update: Well…… the Special Weather Statement is back and it looks like some snow is already falling

Not much, if any, accumulation is expected


Well, the Special Weather Statement is back and it may well already be snowing.


The National Weather Service put the Special Weather Statement in for the local area earlier today, but only gave the area a 20 % chance of a wintry mix. But it seems that those are good odds, areas are already seeing some light snow.

Brief periods of a light wintry mix are possible across portions of the area this evening into tonight. This precipitation will end by early Saturday morning. Any light wintry precipitation that falls in these areas is unlikely to accumulate or cause significant impacts. However, motorists in these areas should still exercise caution this evening through Saturday morning, especially on elevated roadways such as bridges and overpasses as they may become slick.

National Weather Service


The National Weather Service has removed the Special Weather Statement for most of Georgia for Jan. 20 – 22, giving Gwinnett, Walton and surrounding counties unlikely to get much more than rain over the next 24 hours.


The National Weather Service has issued the first alert. At 4:22 a.m. this morning it issued a Special Weather Statement for several local counties, including Walton, Gwinnett and all the surrounding counties for rain that may change to light freezing rain Thursday night through to Saturday morning. At the moment, however, our chances are 80 % for rain and 40 % for ice or snow, but stay tuned – this may change.

Precipitation associated with a slow moving cold front may fall in the form of light snow or light freezing rain Thursday night through Saturday morning. There is still great uncertainty on how much and exactly where any light snow or ice accumulations may occur.

Based on recent information, there is some indication that northeast Georgia is the most likely area to receive light snow accumulations Friday and Friday night and parts of middle and east central Georgia are most likely to see light ice accumulation Friday night. There is also some indication that the overall amounts may be slightly lower than projected earlier.

However, overall confidence is low and residents and emergency officials should remain alert and be prepared for possible snow and/or ice accumulations, especially over parts of middle and east central Georgia. Even small amounts of ice can cause significant impacts such as slick roads and power outages due to icing on trees and powerlines.

National Weather Service

The National Weather Service is again predicting the possibility of winter weather overnight Thursday and into Saturday. But it does warn this is subject to change.

At the moment it has us in the line of potential for “significant freezing rain/ice accumulations. Hopefully that “subject to change” pans out! Click or tap on the Youtube Special Weather Briefing below and stay tuned for more updates over the next couple of days.

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