Veteran and author Pete Mecca publishes first of 10 books

Pete Mecca, a veteran himself, has been telling the story of fellow veterans for years in various syndicated media outlets. His own story appeared on He is now putting his stories in his own publications, the first of which is about to be launched.
“My first book, nine more are planned, is ready for preorders.  About 90 percent of the stories are Georgia veterans,” Mecca said.
Mecca is also Commander of the Atlanta WWII Round Table and Lt. Col. Aide de Camp to Governor Nathan Deal. He is using this new platform to continue his mission to tell the stories of veterans, many of them Vietnam Veterans like him.
“Georgia is home to about 800,000 veterans, approximately 250,000 are Vietnam veterans,” Mecca said.
The book area available at  Click on  Book Store. The title is simply, “Veterans,” Stores from America’s Best.

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