Walking in a Winter Wonderland Foraging event

This winter foray will take a slow paced roam through the forrest, no more than a mile of light hiking, with frequent stops to discuss or findings and enjoy our surroundings. We will be searching our woods for local winter rescources and discussing their benefits. We hope to find Oyster and Lion’s Mane mushrooms, Chickweed, Wild Onions, Dandelion, Plantain, Yarrow, Mints, Rye Grass, Plantain, and more!

*Appropriate clothing and shoes are reccomended for our Nature Walks. Guests are encouraged to bring a basket (paper bags will be provided), notebooks, and a small pocket knife or scissors.

Event admission $10 (all ages) advance tickets suggested, limited quantities will be available at the gate.Tickets available at https://walkinginawinterwonderland.eventbrite.com

**In keeping with the CDC and Governor Kemp’s reccomendations, we highly suggest wearing masks and praticing proper social distancing whilst visiting the WHHM&EC.

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