Walmart in Loganville to begin giving Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 shots Sunday

Loganville Mayor Rey Martinez announced that he has received information from a reliable source that the Walmart in Loganville will begin administering Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccinations beginning Sunday. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is just a one shot dose.

“Right now, it’s 200 per week. However, that may change as the Federal Government allows us to get more,” Martinez said. “Loganville Walmart has been selected as a Federal Government distribution place, that’s why they have the J & J Brand.”

Martinez said there are no walk-ins. Currently in Walmarts that are administering vaccinations the shots are taking place at the Pharmacy.

“Keep in mind, not all Walmart’s are doing vaccine shots. To register go to Put Covid vaccinations on the search bar, it will bring up the store you choose & register,” Martinez said. “Let’s continue to help our most vulnerable population and elderly. I’ve received calls of elderly struggling to register and we’ve assisted. Let’s work together to put this epidemic behind us.”

Martinez said as soon as he gets more information, he will share it with the community.

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