Walton County BB team seeks 4th – 7th graders interest in joining to meet Nov. 7

The Walton County BB Team is looking for persons who may be interested in joining the team to attend a meeting this week in the Agricultural Education Center at Criswell Park.
Coach Jon Hall is asking families with boys and girls from fourth to ninth grade who are interested to join him at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 7 at Criswell Park.
“After over 20 years of coaching the Walton County BB Team, William Carlan has retired.  His leadership will be missed, although fortunately he will still be around to help us out,” Hall said. “We can be contacted at waltoncountybb@gmail.com.
2019 Walton County BB Team. Contributed photo

The team came second in the country in July 2019 in the Daisy National Championships.

The Walton County BB team on the podium at the Daisy National Championship in July 2019 after coming second in the country. Contributed photo


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