Walton County BOC approves 68-home subdivision in Loganville area

WALTON COUNTY, GA (Dec. 15, 2022) At the December meeting, Walton County Commissioners voted to approve a rezone of 92.012 acres from A1 to R10SC. This makes way for a 68-home subdivision at Broadnax Mill Road and Marce Camp Road in the unincorporated area of Loganville.

Ned Butler represented Reliant Homes, GA, LLC. He noted that the request for 68 homes was a 26 % reduction on the 92 homes that could actually be developed on the acreage under the zoning.

Planning had recommended approval, with conditions, but Charna Parker, director of Walton County Planning and Development, noted there had been opposition from some of the surrounding residents.

“Their main concerns included increased traffic, noise and overcrowding schools and the entrance as shown on the preliminary plat would interfere with the houses across the road,” Parker said, adding that after the planning meeting the applicant had met with some of the attendees from the surrounding community to address the concerns. Butler had agreed to add a deed restriction that no more than 20 percent of the homes would be rental and they would be 12-month lease terms.

Parker said they also moved the entrance to be parallel to where the church is so that it would not affect any of the residents in Cevera Lakes and they would address any additional landscaping or a turning lane if it was needed.

“We will gate this subdivision and we did move the entrance to the top of the hill. It did two things – it kept headlights from shining in the back of somebody’s yard where it will come out and it also will improved the sight distance for people leaving our subdivision where they can see further down towards Youth Monroe Road,” Butler said. He added that they had no problem in putting in a zoning condition requiring the 20 percent rental and the 12-month leases so no Air BNB or party houses could locate in the subdivision.

Walton County Commission Chairman David Thompson asked for clarification that monitoring the rental and leases would be a duty of the HOA and that the county would not be responsible for monitoring it.

Carole Billue, a resident from Marce Camp Road, was the only resident speaking against the application. She referred to a previous comment by Butler who had said that they wanted to make more homes available for residents who wanted to move into the area. She noted that there are already several other large subdivisions already going up within 2 or 3 miles of this one.

The application passed with just Commissioner Timmy Shelnutt abstaining and all the other commissioners giving it the green light.

Click or tap on this link and go to 5.1 on the agenda for full details on the proposal.

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