Walton County BOC Called Meeting Monday will address health insurance issue

The Walton County Board of Commissioners has scheduled a Called Meeting for 6 p.m. on Monday at the Historic Courthouse on S. Broad Street to discuss the considered change to health insurance coverage that was advertised. According to the notice, the public’s response “appears to be based on matters that the board was not considering,” and will address the publics’ response to this misinformation. The legal notice that was advertised has been pulled and, according to the Walton County BOC, this takes the matter off the table.

“This issue cannot be brought up for future consideration without proper legal notice and advertisement,” the public notice reads.

The initial legal notice caused a firestorm on social media with a large backlash against the possibility that the commissioners could vote on an open-ended continuation of healthcare insurance once they have left office if they have served two or more terms. It noted that the cost would be about $6,415 per member to the County and, with no specific term given, it was unclear what the eventual cost could be. Since it is off the table completely for the moment, that appears to be a moot point. According to officials, the issue was discussed at the Feb. 14 Planning Retreat with a decision to conduct more research before doing anything more and was only being put on the October Agenda for public discussion.

However, the issue will now be addressed by the commissioners with it being open to public comment at Monday’s meeting. Anybody wishing to speak on the matter can do so by signing up at this link. The sign-up form needs to be completed and submitted by Friday, Oct. 25, at the latest.


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