Walton County BOC June meeting to consider several rezone applications with specific conditions

The Walton County Board of Commissioners have their Regular monthly meeting at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, June 07, 2022 at 6 p.m. in the Historic Walton County Courthouse at 111 South Broad Street in Monroe.

People wanting to make a Public Comment before the Board of Commissioners must complete the
form at the link below and return it to the County Clerk no later than 5 p.m. the day prior to the
meeting. You may email, fax, mail or deliver the form.

The full Agenda follows. The public is invited to attend.


  1. PUBLIC COMMENT/PRESENTATIONS | 3 Minute Limit Per Speaker. To speak at the
    meeting please follow the instructions outlined at the end of this Agenda.
    2.1. Pledge of Allegiance & Invocation
    2.2. Call to Order
    2.3. Roll Call
    3.1. Additions/Deletions

4.1. Approval with conditions – Z22020018 – Rezone 8.68 acres from A1 to B2 with conditional
use for outside storage – Applicant: Jason Atha/Owners: Don Moon & David
Samples Property located at Ga. Hwy. 11 and Mahlon Smith Rd – Map/Parcel C1400090 –
District 4 (tabled 4/5/22)
Conditions: 1) realign Mahlon Smith Rd to allow ingress/egress from Hwy. 11 only, to be
coordinated with GDOT, 2) no commercial vehicle storage, 3) 8′ high screened/solid fence
around entire perimeter 4) vegetative screen on property adjacent to A1 parcels

4.2. Approval of Z22030027 – Rezone 5.00 acres from A to A1 – Applicant/Owner: Alisha
Bowen – Property located at 5748 Kent Rock Rd. – Map/Parcel N029E010 – District 3

4.3. Approval with conditions – Z22030028 – Rezone 5.28 acres from A1/R1 to A to grow & sell
plants with customer contact – Applicant: Cosmin Bactan/Owners: Cosmin & Aurica Bactan

  • Property located at 1630 New Hope Church Rd. – Map/Parcel C0610090 – District 3
    Conditions: 1) hours of retail to be 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., 2) no commercial farm animal
    production on premises

4.4. Approval of Z22040001 – Rezone 12.79 acres from B2 to B3 for car storage and shipping –
Applicant: Kofi Kumi/Owners: Norma Billingsley, James & Elaine Bailey – Property
located at Hwy. 20 – Map/Parcel C0070007 – District 2

4.5. Approval with conditions – Z22040004 – Rezone 11.56 acres from A2 & B2 to B3 for office
warehouse and outside storage – Applicant: Danny Cagle/Owners: Graham & Glenda Smith
& David Cooper – Property located at Lowry Rd., Ho Hum Hollow Rd. & Hwy. 78 –
Map/Parcels C0610156, 0157A00 & 0158 – District 1
1) a minimum 8′ high fence shall be installed along the property frontage on
Lowry Rd.,
2) the fence shall be kept in good repair at all times, 3) on the Lowry Rd. side of
the fence, the applicant shall install a single row of large evergreen trees similar to Japanese
Cryptomeria or Thuga Green Giant, but excluding Leyland Cypress,
4) trees shall be spaced
a maximum of 25′ on center and must be a minimum 8′ tall at time of installation,
5) all required landscaping and fencing shall be installed outside the right-of-way of Lowry Rd.,
6) frontage screening requirements described herein may be utilized to satisfy any outdoor
storage screening requirements of the Walton County Comprehensive Land Development
Ordinance as determined by the Director of Planning and Development

4.6. Approval with condition – Z22040007 – Rezone 2.00 acres from R1 to B2 to expand mini-
warehouses and outside storage with Variances – Applicant: John S Hemphill – Property
located at 2250 Hwy. 81-Map/Parcel C0510149 – District 2
add an 8′ opaque fence with landscaping

    5.1. Public Hearing – Capital Improvements Element 2022 Annual Update and Adoption Resolution
    5.2. Adoption/Resolution – Walton County Comprehensive Plan Update
    All items listed below are voted on by the board in
    one motion unless otherwise specified by the Board
    6.1. Approval of May 3, 2022 Meeting Minutes
    6.2. Contracts & Budgeted Purchases of $5000 or Greater
    6.3. Declaration of Surplus Property
    6.4. Engagement Letter – Eaves Consulting Group – LOST Consulting
    6.5. Walton County Water – 2022 Water Charge Offs
    6.6. Agreement Extension – State Properties – DFACS
    6.7. DebtBook Software Agreement
    6.8. Contract – Family Connection Partnership Renewal FY23
    6.9. Elections – Request to apply for Precinct Card Postage Grant
    7.1. Proposal – WCPSC Component GMP #1 McCarthy + Barnsley
    7.2. Proposal – Sunbelt Builders GMP – Courtrooms
    7.3. Bid – Agricultural Extension Office Bldg.
    8.1. Resolution – Authorizing Chairman to amend the FY22 Budget as part of the fiscal year
    closing process
    8.2. Resolution – FY22 Budget Amendments
    8.3. Resolution – Adoption of FY23 Budget

If you are an individual with a disability and require special assistance at this meeting, you may contact the office at 770-267-1301 to have arrangements made.

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