Walton County BOC to consider becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary County

At the February meeting next week, the Walton County Board of Commissioners are likely to consider whether or not to declare the County a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. Walton County Commission Chairman Kevin Little said the item is on the agenda, but the measure is still under review by the County attorneys. Little said it was a group of Walton County citizens that asked that the County to consider it.

“There is a movement in Georgia by a group or several groups that are asking the cities and counties to make this happen.,” Little said. “I think three have already passed it and there’s four or five that are reviewing it Like us,” he said.
According to an article on Lake Hartwell Radio on Jan., 28, Franklin, Hart and Stephens County Boards of Commission considered the measure after Habersham County became the first county in Georgia to pass such a resolution. The resolutions aim to prohibit or impede enforcement of certain gun control measures seen as being in violation of the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms. This move around the state, and indeed the country, is reportedly largely in response to legislation passed or being considered in the Virginia State Senate that has prompted 91% of that state’s counties to approve their own Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions. Nineteen states so far have reportedly had counties that have adopted Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions, including Texas, Illinois, Virginia, Alaska, New Mexico, Nebraska, Wyoming and now Georgia.
Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman said while he is not opposed to the idea, he would like to hear what the county attorneys have to say on the measure. He said he has concerns as to where any liability would fall if the sanctuary status was called on to be enforced.
The Walton County BOC meeting takes place at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020, at the Historic Courthouse in downtown Monroe. The public is always invited to attend. The full agenda follows:
1. Public Comment

    1.01 3 Minute Limit

2. Presentations

    2.01 Taylor Morris – Social Circle Recreation Center

3. Meeting Opening

    3.01 Pledge of Allegiance & Invocation

    3.02 Call to Order

    3.03 Roll Call
4. Adoption of Agenda

    4.01 Additions/Deletions

5. Unfinished Business

    5.01 Amendment to Walton County Civil Service Personnel Rules and Regulations

6. Planning Commission Recommendations

    6.01 Approval with Conditions of Z19120004 – Rezone 2.00 acres from A1 to B2 for mini-warehouses – Applicant: Linda Linkous/Owner: Louise Bryan – 5348 Hwy 20-Map/Parcel C008008 – District 2

    6.02 Approval of Z19110009 – Rezone 2.00 acres from R1 to R2 to increase personal care home capacity to 5 residents – Applicant/Owner: Kathryn Reed – 899 Pannell Rd-Map/Parcel C1360019C00 – District 5

    6.03 Approval of Z19110017 – Rezone 11.76 acres from A1 to B3 to allow outside storage of construction equipment – Applicant: A&S Walton Investment Group LLC/Owner: Morris Lee Smith – 4099 Hwy 138-Map/Parcel C0520173 – District 3

    6.04 Approval with Condition of CU19110018– Conditional Use for a Guest House with separate meter and Special Exception to live there while house is being built and remove zoning conditions from #Z03020007 as property is remaining 1 lot-Applicant/Owner: Bobby Moon Wheeler Dr/Parcel C0280051A00 – District 3

    6.05 Approval of CU19120001– Conditional Use for a Guest House with separate meter – Applicant/Owner: Thomas W. Wiggins – 4999 Skyline Dr./Parcel N026A007 – District 2

    6.06 Approval with Conditions of CU19120006 – Conditional Use for 2 soccer fields – Applicant: Jeff Van De Mark/Owner: Perry & Lorey Reeves – Hwy. 78/Parcel C1890002 – District 4

7. Administrative Consent Agenda

    7.01 Monthly Financial Matters, Contracts & Approval of Meeting Minutes

8. Human Resources

    8.01 Staffing Request – Administrative Assistant for Good Hope Precinct – Sheriff’s Office

    8.02 Staffing Request – Temporary Facilities Maintenance Tech – Facilities Department

    8.03 Staffing Request – Administrative Coordinator – Parks & Recreation
    8.04 Position Reclassification – Parks & Recreation Assistant Director
9. Resolutions

    9.01 FY 2020 Budget Amendments

    9.02 Service Delivery Strategy Amendment
    9.03 Declaring Walton County a Second Amendment Sanctuary County
10. Announcements

    10.01 March 3, 2020 – Regular Monthly Meeting – 6:00 p.m.

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