Walton County BOC to consider rezone to make way for 68-home subdivision in Loganville area

WALTON COUNTY, GA (Nov. 6, 2022) At Tuesday’s Walton County Board of Commission meeting, commissioners will consider the rezone of 92.012 acres from A1 to R10SC for Reliant Homes, GA, LLC. The rezone would make way for a 68-home subdivision on property located at Broadnax Mill Road and Marce Camp Road in the unincorporated area of Loganville. This is a 26 % reduction on the number of homes that could actually be developed on this property. Being 92 acres, 1 acre per lot would net 92 homes. However, the request is 68 homes. Planning has recommended approval with certain conditions. Click or tap on this link for more details on the proposal.

The meeting takes place at 6.00 p.m. today, Dec. 6, 2022, in the Walton County Historic Courthouse at 100 N. Broad Street in Monroe. The public is invited to attend. The meeting also will be available live on the County’s social media.

You can click or tap on this link for full details on each item on the agenda. The full agenda follows

2.1. Pledge of Allegiance & Invocation
2.2. Call to Order
2.3. Roll Call
3.1. Additions/Deletions
4.1. Request for Joint Funding – Gang/Violent Crime Prosecutor
5.1. Approval with conditions – Z22090001 – Rezone 92.012 acres from A1 to R1OSC –
Applicant/Owner: Reliant Homes GA LLC – Property located at Broadnax Mill Rd./Marce
Camp Rd. – Map/Parcel C0480050 & 0053–District 1 (tabled on 11/1/2022)
Recommended Conditions: 1) Developer to add a restriction into the Covenants that no more
than 20% of the homes in the subdivision be rented at any one time, 2) landscape buffers to
be added to the public right of way where there are no existing trees, 3) upon final
determination of subdivision entrance, address possibility of additional screening, turn lane,
Revised by Developer: landscape buffer to be ouside of the right of way, revised site plan has
entrance located across from the church
5.2. Approval of Z22100002 – 3.79 acres from A1 to R1 to create a 1.2 acre buildable lot –
Applicant/Owner: Mary Alexander – Property located at 2057 Bomac Ct. – Map/Parcel
C0510123 – District 2
6.1. Annexations – City of Loganville
1Walton County, GA Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting 12/6/2022
1) Applicant Split Silk Properties, LLC 5.84 acres located at 4900 Hwy. 78, Loganville, 2)
Applicant Mark Myers, 2.5+/- acres located at 4706 Hwy. 81, Loganville, 3) Applicant Mark
Myers, 10.0+/- acres located at 4746 Hwy. 81, Loganville
7. ADMINISTRATIVE CONSENT AGENDA | All items listed below are voted on by the board in
one motion unless otherwise specified by the Board
7.1. Approval of November 1, 2022 and November 8, 2022 Meeting Minutes
7.2. Contracts & Budgeted Purchases of $5000 or Greater
7.3. Declaration of Surplus Property
7.4. Acceptance of Funding – VOCA Grants
7.5. Proposed FY24 Budget Calendar
7.6. Acceptance of Donation – Barrelle Roofing – Community Night Out
7.7. Agreement – Southeast Corrections, LLC – Magistrate Court
7.8. Agreement – Southeast Corrections, LLC – Probate Court
7.9. Acceptance of Right of Way – Bearden Road and Frank Camp Road
8.1. Recommendation from Condrey & Associates
9.1. County Manager’s Report/Update
9.2. Changing Enabling Legislation:
1) Changes to Part-time Chairman – Salary – Vehicle
2) Change Authority to Purchase/Contract to $25,000 (currently $5000)
9.3. Walton Co. Ethics Policy and Code of Conduct
9.4. Possible acceptance of LOST Agreement and Resolution
10. PUBLIC COMMENT | 3 Minute Limit Per Speaker. To speak at the meeting please follow the
instructions outlined at the end of this Agenda.
11. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Next Meeting – January 10, 2023

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