Walton County expected to vote on Loganville annexation request for property on Tuck Road

Graphic of proposed mix-use development on Tuck Road and Highway 20 in Loganville.

WALTON COUNTY, GA (June 2, 2024) – Walton County Board of Commissions has on its Tuesday BOC meeting agenda a request from the City of Loganville to allow for the city to annex 60.123 acre on a tract of land located on Tuck Road and Highway 20. This portion of property in question is currently outside of the city limits. Approval of this request, as well as a similar one from Gwinnett County, would open the way for the city to consider green lighting a mixed-use development on the entire 201.376 acre property located at the intersection off Tuck Road and Highway 20. The item has already been the topic of a Town Hall meeting in Loganville in April with the intention of it being up for a vote by the Loganville City Council last month.

However, according to Planning and Zoning Director, Robbie Schwartz, the case was tabled for 60 days by the Planning Commission in April and is scheduled to go back before the Planning Commission at this month’s meeting.

Schwartz said believes it is still possible for the county to vote on the annexation prior to the city voting to approve the request for the annexation. However, for the moment, it remains on the county’s agenda.

If approved by the counties of Walton and Gwinnett for the portions outside of the city limit, Loganville can consider the application for annexation and a proposal for a mixed-use development that includes 232 single-family detached homes, 150 single-family attached townhomes as well as commercial/retail/office developments and open spaces.

Click or tap on the link below for full details on the proposal.

The Walton County BOC will have its regular meeting at 6 p.m.on June 4 in the Historic Walton County Courthouse located at 111 S Broad Street in Monroe. The public is invited to attend.

The full agenda follows. Click or tap on the highlighted link for more information for each item.



  1. 2.1.Pledge of Allegiance & Invocation
  2. 2.2.Call to Order
  3. 2.3.Roll Call


  1. 3.1.Additions/Deletions


  1. 4.1.Approval with Conditions – LU24010014 & Z24010015 – Land Use Change from Conservation to Hwy. Corridor and rezone 9.11 acres from A1 to M1 for climate controlled self-storage and office warehouse – Aplicant:  David A. Carruth/Owner: AHC Bentley Bold LLC – Property located at Hwy. 81 & 4742 Bentley Rd./Map/Parcel C070050 – District 5Conditions: 1) All area developed for self-storage shall be fenced with a minimum of 6″ vinyl coated chain link fence and landscape shrubs or evergreen trees shall be established onlong the side fronting Bentley Road and the rear where adjoining the residual Carruth property; 2) Gated access to the self-storage shall limit access from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m., 7 days a week; 3) All exterior lighting shall be directed downward; 4) Office-Warehouse areas shall be limited in hours of operation from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m., 7 days a week and no retail shall be allowed; 5) The sides of the office-warehouse fronting Hwy. 81 and Bentely road shall have a blend of brick or rock facade; 6) There shall be a traffic study conducted to determine the possible improvement of the turn radious on Bentley Road at the instersetion of Hwy. 81; 7) Every effort shall be made to establish an entrance with right turn in and out only on Hwy. 81 located at a point most closely located to the propoerty at 7973 Hwy. 81 (Vallus solar Farm). Also an entry shall be established on Bentley Road with a decel and accel lane and located at the furthest point poossible from the intersection of Bentely road and Hwy. 81.
  2. 4.2.Denial of Z124020015 – Rezone 4.80 acres from A2 to B2 for resale – Applicant:  Craig Hayes/Owner:  2424 Hwy. 278 LLC – Property located at 2424 Hwy. 278 & 2404 Hwy. 278/Map/Parcel C1580020 & 21 – District 4   (Owner is requesting withdrawl)
  3. 4.3.Approval of Z24020017 – Rezone 17.00 acres from A1 to A for beef cattle business – Applicants/Owners:  William & Gina Hockaday – Property located at 26 Social Circle Fairplay Rd, Social Circle, Fairplay Rd. & Pannell Rd./Map/Parcels C1850043 & 41A -District 4
  4. 4.4.Denial of Z24030001 – Rezone 2.24 acres from B2 to M1 for portable concrete plant – Applicant:   Norman L Kennebrew/Owner:  Phillip Ozburn – Property located at 2435 Hwy. 278 & Hwy. 278/Map/Parcels C1580075D00 & 75H00 -District 4


  1. 5.1.Annexation Request – City of Loganville – 60.213 acres located on Hwy. 20 and Tuck Road
  2. 5.2.Adoption Resolution – Capital Improvements Element Annual Update

6.ADMINISTRATIVE CONSENT AGENDA | All items listed below are voted on by the board in one motion unless otherwise specified by the Board 

  1. 6.1.Approval of May 7, 2024 Meeting Minutes
  2. 6.2.Contracts & Budgeted Purchases of $25,000 or Greater
  3. 6.3.Bullet Proof Vest Grant Application – Sheriff’s Office
  4. 6.4.Agreement – Department of the Navy – Lease of Night Vision Equipment – Sheriff’s Office
  5. 6.5.Amendment to Inmate Medical Agreement – Correct Health
  6. 6.6.Contract for Services – Alcovy Leadership and Character Development Program, LLC – Juvenile Court
  7. 6.7.Walton County Water – 2024 Water Charge Offs
  8. 6.8.Approval of Uncollectable Property – Tax Commissioner
  9. 6.9.DebtBook Software Agreement – Renewal
  10. 6.10.WEMC Lighting Agreement – Hwy. 81 and Ozora Church Road


  1. 7.1.Walton Co. Commodities Point of Distribution Plan (CPOD) – EMA
  2. 7.2.FY24 Budget Amendments and Project Length Budgets
  3. 7.3.Authorizing Chairman to amend the FY24 Budget as part of the fiscal year closing process
  4. 7.4.Adoption of FY25 Budget


  1. 8.1.County Manager’s Report/Update

9.PUBLIC COMMENT | 3 Minute Limit Per Speaker. To speak at the meeting please follow the instructions outlined at the end of this Agenda. 




If you are an individual with a disability and require special assistance at this meeting, please contact our office at 770-267-1301 at least 48 hours prior to the meeting and arrangements will be made.

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