Walton County government hires county manager

Expect to have him on board by April 1

Walton County Board of Commissioners voted 6 to 1 Tuesday to hire John Amos Ward, III as the county manager. Commissioner Lee Bradford was the only vote against. BOC Chairman David Thompson said that a panel of four members had been formed to look into the position of hiring a county administrator.

“The panel interviewed four for the position and we’ve come up with one we would like to hire as the county manager,” Thompson said. “We rated the four candidates rated separately and the candidate that we want to offer the position to is John Amos W III and we are prepared to meet the range that was set at the meeting on the salary and sign a contract with John Amos III as county manager and execute the contract and get him on board as County Manager.

Thompson said they would like to get the contract signed and get Ward on board by April 1.

“We will have his resume and everything online so everyone can have everything to see,” Thompson said.

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