Walton County has three cities in Top 50 Cities with the fast-growing home prices in Georgia

Stacker News Media recently compiled a list of cities with the fastest growing home prices in Georgia using data from Zillow. In the report, cities are ranked by the dollar change in Zillow Home Values Index for all homes from the 12-month period ending July 2022. The charts for the report were created using Matplotlib for 587 cities and towns in Georgia.

Coastal Georgia prices were by far the fastest-fastest growing, in particular the islands, with # 1 Sea Island up by whopping $1,142,358 (39 %) over the past 12 months to a typical home value of $4,049,331. Walton County is nowhere near that average home pricing, but didn’t fare too badly in the rankings with three cities making it into the top 50.

  • Loganville came in at #33 with home values up $92,899 (30.9 %) in the 12-month period to an average home price of $393,732.
  • Between came in at #38 with home values up $90,425 (26.4 %) to an average home price of $432,745.
  • And Good Hope came in at #44 with home values up $88,105 (28.4 %) to an average home price of $398,664.

These home values were calculated in July 2022, but it not clear how long the increase in values will hold since then there has been a change in the housing market in the last two months. With interest rates rising, Atlanta Magazine is reporting that the markets are already slowing.

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