Walton County looks to return to Meatless Monday, an American tradition since 1917

Press release from Walton Wellness and Walton Local Food Alliance

Meatless days originally started as a patriotic effort to conserve food at home in order to have enough to feed soldiers serving in the theaters of World War I.  In World War II it was reinvented as Meatless Monday to once again conserve food to feed soldiers overseas.  Today it has been resurrected nationally once more to serve the American people; however, this time with a twist. Meatless Monday today focuses on health both physically and environmentally. One hundred years later we have flipped the problem of not enough food to having too much food. Americans consistently overeat, especially when it comes to meat. The USDA estimates that we eat 15 percent more meat than we should. This statistic lays the foundation for Meatless Mondays and why it has a critical health benefit. Consider this; the average American eats three meals a day which equals 21 meals per week. To cut out 15 percent of our meat consumption we need to abstain from meat three meals a week, hence Meatless Monday. Just cutting out meat one day a week can have some substantial impact on your overall health. This impact is most notable in the area of prevention of lifestyle-related chronic illness like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.  Of course, to reap the most benefit you have to replace Monday’s meat consumption with healthy plant-based choices. Meatless Monday’s are an easy way to reinvent your food preferences and habits. It gives us the opportunity to try new flavors and food combinations that we may not have ever thought about before.

Walton Wellness, in partnership with The Walton Local Food Alliance, is excited about bringing this American tradition back to Walton County. 

“We want to Make Monday Meatless Again,” says DeDe Harris, Executive Director of Walton Wellness.  “We are issuing a challenge to Walton County to go meatless on Monday. For one day drop the usual grab it and growl mentality that is created by the busyness of the week and eat thoughtfully and with intention toward health and flavor.” 

Harris said they hope to get broad participation from the community and are counting on Walton to have fun with it and share their creativity with #makemondaymeatlessagain. 

“Meatless Monday is the 2019 focus for the newly formed Walton Local Food Alliance,” Harris said. “The Food Alliance was born out of the desire and need for greater education and access to local food in our community. A wave of new food opportunities has emerged with the growth of Walton County, especially in the Monroe area. The Food Alliance wants to help these new business owners and consumers get connected with our local food economy as well as increase food education opportunities within the community as a whole.”

Ways to Make Monday Meatless Again

  • Skip the meat on Monday and Save it for Taco Tuesday
  • Replace Monday’s meat with healthy plant-based proteins 
  • Share your food imagination with the community #makemondaymeatlessagain
  • Grow your own vegetables or support someone locally who does
  • Talk with the kids in your life about where their food comes from and why it is important to their health
  • Get connected to our Walton local Food Economy by learning more about the Walton Local Food Alliance or contact DeDe Harris at waltonwellness@gmail.com

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