Walton County resident celebrates 20 years of volunteer service at Local Hospital

Press release from Piedmont Walton

Willie Ruth Roberts, 89, 20-year-Volunteer at local hospital in Walton County. Contributed photo

Monroe, Ga. (March 26, 2019) – Willie Ruth Roberts, 89, has lived in Walton County her entire life, and this year marks her 20th year of volunteering at her community’s only hospital, Piedmont Walton Hospital.

As she looks back at her time of making a difference in the lives of the hospital’s many patients, she’s thankful for the opportunities and relationships volunteering has brought to her over the years.

Roberts started her volunteering efforts soon after making the decision to retire from her full-time job. However, she had the desire to volunteer long before that, after she visited a family member under Piedmont Walton’s care.

“My father was in the hospital for a number of days, and during that time, I stayed with him,” Roberts said. “That entire time, I found I was surrounded by people caring for him. I knew there was a need for other people to help, and I decided that when I retired, I wanted to become a volunteer there.”

In 1999, it finally became time for Roberts to retire from her job. “I almost immediately started volunteering at the hospital,” Roberts said.

Willie Ruth Roberts, 89, 20-year-Volunteer at local hospital in Walton County. Contributed photo

She began work in the same department where her father was cared for; however, as the hospital changed over the years, she transitioned to the outpatient laboratory department, which is where you’ll still find Roberts volunteering today.

As a volunteer, Roberts assists laboratory staff with day-to-day operations, working with hospital visitors and patients.

“I’ve met and learned about so many different people over the years,” Roberts said. “I’m a people-person, and love being with people, talking with them and helping them when they come to our hospital. I like to spread love.”

She typically works one day a week and enjoys time with her family when she’s not volunteering at the hospital.

Piedmont Walton is actively seeking volunteers to become a part of the Piedmont Walton Volunteer Services team.   For more information about volunteering opportunities at Piedmont Walton, visit piedmont.org/volunteers/piedmont-walton.

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