Walton County Schools hiring teachers, special ed coordinator, bus drivers, in food service and more

Walton County School Systems has many current open job postings. Click or tap on the relevant link for more information or to apply.

Editor’s Note: These job postings were found on the WCSD website on March 9, 2024. Please note a job posting could be removed at any time due to the position being filled.

Teacher – Social Studies – 2024/202503/06/2024CertifiedLoganville Middle SchoolApply
Teacher – ELA/SS (Gifted) – 2024/202503/06/2024CertifiedYouth Middle SchoolApply
Teacher – Social Studies – 2024/202503/06/2024CertifiedYouth Middle SchoolApply
Teacher – Science – 2024/202503/06/2024CertifiedYouth Middle SchoolApply
Teacher – ELA/SS – 2024/202503/06/2024CertifiedLoganville Middle SchoolApply
Speech Language Pathologist – 49%03/06/2024CertifiedMultiple LocationsApply
Speech Language Pathologist03/06/2024CertifiedMultiple LocationsApply
Teacher – 2024/202503/05/2024CertifiedBay Creek Elementary SchoolApply
Teacher – 2024/202503/05/2024CertifiedWalker Park Elementary SchoolApply
Teacher – 2024/202503/05/2024CertifiedAtha Road Elementary SchoolApply
Teacher – 2024/202503/05/2024CertifiedSharon Elementary SchoolApply
Teacher – 2024/202503/05/2024CertifiedHarmony Elementary SchoolApply
Teacher – Art 2024/202503/05/2024CertifiedLoganville Elementary SchoolApply
Teacher – Math – 2024/202503/05/2024CertifiedWalnut Grove High SchoolApply
Teacher – History (AP) – 2024/202503/05/2024CertifiedMonroe Area High SchoolApply
Teacher – Science – 2024/202503/05/2024CertifiedWalnut Grove High SchoolApply
Coordinator – Special Education – 2024/202503/05/2024District AdministrativeBoard of EducationApply
Substitute03/01/2024SubstituteMultiple LocationsApply
Food Service – 5HR03/01/2024ClassifiedLoganville Elementary SchoolApply
Paraprofessional – Special Education Self Contained03/01/2024ClassifiedAtha Road Elementary SchoolApply
Food Service – Assistant Manager03/01/2024ClassifiedYouth Elementary SchoolApply
Food Service – Assistant Manager03/01/2024ClassifiedMonroe Elementary SchoolApply
Food Service – 4HR03/01/2024ClassifiedWalker Park Elementary SchoolApply
Paraprofessional – Special Education Self Contained 2024/202503/01/2024ClassifiedWalker Park Elementary SchoolApply
Career Technical Instructor – 2024/202502/29/2024CertifiedMonroe Area High SchoolApply
Bus Driver02/28/2024TransportationTransportationApply
Food Service – Assistant Manager02/27/2024ClassifiedMonroe Area High SchoolApply
Food Service – Assistant Manager02/27/2024ClassifiedYouth Middle SchoolApply
Grounds Worker02/21/2024MaintenanceBoard of Education – AnnexApply
Teacher – Entrepreneurship – 2024/202502/16/2024CertifiedWalnut Grove High SchoolApply
Teacher – Computer Science – 2024/202502/16/2024CertifiedWalnut Grove High SchoolApply
Title I Tutor02/16/2024ClassifiedCarver Middle SchoolApply
Custodian – 8 Hour02/15/2024ClassifiedLoganville Middle SchoolApply
Food Service – 4 Hours02/15/2024ClassifiedMonroe Area High SchoolApply
Principal – 2024/202502/14/2024CertifiedMonroe Elementary SchoolApply
Teacher – ESOL – 2024/202502/14/2024CertifiedYouth Middle SchoolApply
Media Specialist – 2024/202502/14/2024CertifiedYouth Middle SchoolApply
Teacher-Special Education/MID – 2024/202502/08/2024CertifiedLoganville High SchoolApply
Teacher – Audio Visual & Film – 2024/202502/08/2024CertifiedWalnut Grove High SchoolApply
Technology Integration Specialist – 2024/202502/08/2024CertifiedWalnut Grove High SchoolApply
Counselor – 2024/202502/07/2024CertifiedWalnut Grove High SchoolApply
Paraprofessional01/26/2024ClassifiedLoganville Elementary SchoolApply
Food Service – 5 Hours01/26/2024ClassifiedCarver Middle SchoolApply
Executive Assistant – Superintendent01/22/2024ClassifiedBoard of EducationApply
Director of Communications01/22/2024ClassifiedBoard of EducationApply
Food Service – Assistant Manager01/17/2024ClassifiedWalnut Grove High SchoolApply
Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)01/16/2024ClassifiedBoard of EducationApply
Substitute – Food Service12/18/2023SubstituteMultiple LocationsApply
Food Service – 4 Hour11/30/2023ClassifiedYouth Middle SchoolApply
Teacher – Special Education PreK11/07/2023CertifiedBay Creek Elementary SchoolApply

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