Walton County to consider rezone to make way for a 35-lot residential subdivision on Cedar Ridge Road

The Walton County will have its first meeting of 2022 at 6 p.m, on Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2022 at the Historic Courthouse on S. Broad Street in Monroe. The meeting will begin with rezoning applications, including one that will make way for a 35-lot residential subdivision off Cedar Ridge Road alongside Highway 78 and the Alcovy River. This development is in unincorporated Walton County. A development that would bring 310 new homes to the other end of Cedar Ridge from its intersection with Double Springs Church Road already has residents in the area concerned about the burden that such a development will put on local services and traffic in the area.

The full agenda for Tuesday’s meeting follows.

1.PUBLIC COMMENT/PRESENTATIONS | 3 Minute Limit Per Speaker. To speak at the meeting please follow the instructions outlined at the end of this Agenda. 


  1. 2.1.Pledge of Allegiance & Invocation
  2. 2.2.Call to Order
  3. 2.3.Roll Call


  1. 3.1.Additions/Deletions


  1. 4.1.Approval of Z21090019 – Rezone 7.57 acres from A1 to R1 to create 4 buildable lots  Applicant: Kevin Boekman/Owner: Essie Mae Johnson – Property located at 2073 Laurel Gate Lane & HD Atha Rd/Map/Parcel C0770064 – District 4 (Tabled 12/7/21)
  2. 4.2.Approval of Z21100013 – Rezone 1.175 acres from A2/B1 to R1 to create a buildable lot – Applicant/Owner:  James W Draper III – Property located at 3352 Bold Springs Rd – Map/Parcel C0720084 – District 5
  3. 4.3.Approval of Z21100014 – Rezone 12.40 acres from A1 to A to grow and sell vegetables & eggs at market – Applicant: Vicky Fry/Owners:  Vicky & Steve Fry – Property located at 590 N Cross Lane Rd-Map/Parcel C0700034 – District 5
  4. 4.4.Approval with conditions Z21100020 – Rezone 5.00 acres from A2 to B2 and 4.92 acres from A1 to B2 for retail stores and restaurants – Applicant: Terry L. Mitchell/Owners: Hannah Mitchell, Jeffrey Mitchell & Jennifer Mitchell – Property located at 6230 Centerville Rosebud Rd and 6200 Hwy 20 – Map/Parcels C0010015 and C0090008 – District 2Conditions – 1. No outside storage, 2. Evergreen landscape buffer abutting R1 and A1
  5. 4.5.Approval of LU21110001/Z21110002– LU Amendment from Highway Corridor to Neighborhood Residential and Rezone 44.56 acres from A1 to R1OSC for a residential subdivision – Applicant: Ridgecliff LLC/Owner: April Browning – Property located at 845 Cedar Ridge Rd – Map/Parcels C0910002 – District 5
  6. 4.6.Denial of Z21110004 – Rezone 125.51 acres from A1 to R1OSC to create a subdivision including Variances – Applicant: David Pearson Communities/James Matthew Mazzawi&John Mark Mazzawi as Trustees of Will of Hugh Mazzawi-Property located at Hwy. 20 & Pointer Rd – Map/Parcel C0080010 – District 2
  7. 4.7.Approval of Z21110005 – Rezone 2.25 acres from A1 to R1 to create a buildable lot – Applicant: Amber Spitzer/Owners: Carl & Pamela Bishop – Property located at 1950 Bold Springs Rd – Map/Parcel C0860098 – District 5


  1. 5.1.Amendment – OA21110006 – Walton County Land Development Ordinance per Errata Sheet dated 11/01/2021

6.ADMINISTRATIVE CONSENT AGENDA| All items listed below are voted on by the board in one motion unless otherwise specified by the Board 

  1. 6.1.Approval of December 7, 2021 Meeting Minutes
  2. 6.2.Approval of December 17, 2021 Meeting Minutes
  3. 6.3.Contracts & Budgeted Purchases of $5000 or Greater
  4. 6.4.Declaration of Surplus Property
  5. 6.5.Board of Elections – 2022 Qualifying Fees
  6. 6.6.Acceptance of Forfeited Vehicles – Sheriff’s Office – Jeep Cherokee and V.W. Passat
  7. 6.7.Amendment to existing Inmate Medical Contract


  1. 7.1.Presentation of FY 2021 Audit – Ryan Jones, Sr. Manager – Mauldin & Jenkins


  1. 8.1.Resolution – FY22 Budget Amendment and Acceptance of Judicial Branch American Rescue Grant
  2. 8.2.Resolution – Setting time, dates & location of the regular monthly meetings of the Board of Commissioners for 2022
  3. 8.3.Resolution – Adoption of Amended and Restated ACCG 401(a) Defined Contribution Plan for Walton Co. Employees
  4. 8.4.Resolution – Amending the Walton Co. Service Delivery Strategy to address Stanton Springs and Stanton Springs North and to limit Monroe’s sewer service area at Monroe’s request and to limit Loganville’s sewer service area at Loganville’s request
  5. 8.5.Resolution – Approving Local Redistricting Maps


  1. 9.1.Staffing Request – Magistrate Court – Associate Judge and Supplement
  2. 9.2.Staffing Request – Sheriff – Two Full Time Deputies – Two Temporary Deputies


  1. 10.1.County Clerk
  2. 10.2.Assistant County Clerk
  3. 10.3.County Attorney
  4. 10.4.Vice Chairman
  5. 10.5.Walton County Board of Appeals
  6. 10.6.Walton County Water & Sewerage Authority





If you are an individual with a disability and require special assistance at this meeting, please contact our office at 770-267-1301 and arrangements will be made.People wanting to make a Public Comment before the Board of Commissioners must complete the form at the link below and return it to the County Clerk no later than 5:00 PM the day prior to the meeting. You may email, fax, mail or deliver the form.http://www.waltoncountyga.gov/Clerk/Public%20Comment%20Form.pdf

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