Walton County’s STAR students and teachers recognized at annual banquet

The seven Walton County STAR students and the teachers they chose to honor were recognized at the annual banquet Tuesday. The STAR (Student Teacher Achievement Recognition) program is a program operating in Georgia that recognized the state’s highest achieving high school seniors and the teacher of their choice who has been most instrumental in their success.

Walton County’s STAR students and teachers: from left: (Not pictured – Bella Rose Delullo) Mrs. Ashley Callahan, Noah Alan Braue, James Schaffer, Connor Charles Shelton, Mr. Victor Huff, Raymond Ngo, Ms. Tonya Pohlel, McFarland Gerard Geoffroy, Mrs. Kellie Watts, Harley Bass, Mr. Brad Callahan, Delilah Kirby and Mr. Brandon Pruett

In Walton County, the annual STAR program is put on by the Walton Chamber of Commerce as part of the Walton Proud initiative. This year it was sponsored by the Development Authority of Walton County and Leggett & Platt. For the first time this year, each of the seven students was awarded a $500 scholarship by the Walton County Chamber of Commerce. Joshua Wilson of Push Motion pledged another $250 scholarship to each of the students.

One by one, the students took to the stage to name their chosen teacher and give a reason for making the choice. Each teacher then spoke on the honor of being chosen and of being given the opportunity to work with their STAR student. It was hard not to see the mutual love, respect and admiration each of the students and their teachers shared for each other.

Loganville High School

  • STAR Student – Raymond Ngo
  • STAR Teacher – Ms. Tonya Pohlel

Raymond Ngo was also chosen as the STAR student selected to go on to represent Walton County at a regional level based on his having the highest SAT scores.

Monroe Area High School

  • STAR Student – Delilah Kirby
  • STAR Teacher – Mr. Brandon Pruett

Walnut Grove High School

  • STAR Student – Bella Rose Delullo
  • STAR Teacher – Mrs. Ashley Callahan

Bella Rose Delullo was unable to attend due to a basketball game, something that her teacher said highlighted the student’s character. She had chosen to support her team over being honored for her individual achievement.

George Walton Academy

  • STAR Student – McFarland Gerard Geoffroy
  • STAR Teacher – Mrs. Kellie Watts

Loganville Christian Academy

  • STAR Student – Noah Alan Braue
  • STAR Teacher – Mr. James Schaffer

Social Circle High School

  • STAR Student – Harley Bass
  • STAR Teacher – Mr. Brad Callahan

Victory Baptist School

  • STAR Student – Connor Charles Shelton
  • STAR Teacher – Mr. Victor Huff

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