Walton County’s young students get civic lesson on elections and voting

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Summer program gives 3,4 and 5th graders practical lessons on voting

MONROE, GA (June 19, 2023) Elections officials with Walton County used the summer program to school some Monroe Elementary School third, fourth and fifth graders on elections recently.

On June 8, Assistant Director of Elections Lisa Clark and Election Clerk Andrea Raphael lent their knowledge to help the young students understand the process and even gave them an opportunity to cast their own ballots, Raphael said, adding that Georgia mock facts elections were held on subjects such as the Georgia state bird (brown thrasher), state tree (Live Oak), state flower (Cherokee Rose) and the year Georgia became a state (1788).

“We used Ballot Marking Devices- BMD’s that we would- use in ‘regular elections,’ but these are part of a set of equipment that are set aside just for training of poll workers and demo’s for community events,” Raphael said. “We used it as a teachable moment about Georgia state.”

Raphael said they also discussed how they always have a handicap station and help elders to vote as well.

“Plus the ways people with limited sight can use braille and/or listen to promos and wear headphone and a special key pad,” she said. “We also told them they should take the time when you vote, and to ask if they need help and check your ballot before and after printing it.”

Assistant Director of Elections, Lisa Clark at Monroe Elementary School Election lesson. Contributed photo

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