Walton EMC refunds

WALTON COUNTY – Walton EMC recently released a list of customers who are owed money.

Take a look at these Walton EMC customer-owners who discontinued service.

We mailed refunds of deposits and/or membership fees, but the Post Office returned them.
If you know someone on this list, please have them contact us at 770-266-2519.

Barfield, Ruth R.
Beenaked Wax Co., LLC
Black, Zula
Branscum, William
Bridges, Joseph C.;
Colfin AI-GA1, LLC
Creer-Collins, Amy G.
Delarosa, Jr., Ruben
Flynn, Billy
Gardner, Jamie
Gebrezigabher, Tewolde B.
Griffin, Debra D.
Hernandez, Juan M.
Hicks, Sharon Y.
High Performance Physical, LLC
Hubbard, Brian H
Kilburg, Rustin
Lang Enterprises
Liberty Tax
Lopez, Alma
Manna Property Management
Matthews, Reinna
Morocco, Rick
Nash, Dylan M.
Smith, Jennifer
Stepp, Melissa
Straube, James
Terracino, Jennifer
The New Human, LLC
Todd Auto Group and Sales, LLC
Uliss, Tyler
Venegas, Antonio
White, Dan W.
WRI Property Management.


News release courtesy of Walton EMC

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