Walton EMC returned refunds – are you or do you know somebody on this list?

Take a look at these Walton EMC customer-owners who discontinued service. Walton EMC mailed refunds of deposits and/or membership fees, but the Post Office returned them. If you know someone on this list, you are asked to have them contact Walton EMC at 770-266-2507.

Walton EMC service area. Graphic courtesy of Walton EMC

Adobaw, Ebenezer
ALW Wealth Management, LLC
Arcovia Properties, Inc.
Arrindell; Johannes F.
Athens Grill
Ayala, Nikkesha
Bass, Audrey G.
Berduo, Dilma E.
Boone, Talisha
Bowers, Tiffany A.
Braxton, Sheena
Bush, Melissa
Callejas, Jose E.
Centric, LLC
Claxton, Gerald
Cook, J.C.
Copeland, Sr., Kimper L.
Cruz, Amparito R.
Dunamis Performance
FD Communities
Floyd, Tina
Francescas Collection, Inc.
Helping Hearts Hospice
Henry, John
L. Milsaps, Inc.
Keller, Christina
Living Suite Corp. Housing
Lopez, Amsi M.
Lumpkin, Tasha
Marcano, Melanie
Mason, Catlin M.
Millwood, Jennifer L.
Murphy, Ashley
Narcisse, Claire
Nash, Darnell
Opendoor Atlanta, LLC
Overall, Candace
Pean, Lewis L.
Phillips, Raymond P.
Powers, Grace M
RCDE Atlanta, Inc.
Real Property Management of Gwinnett Co.
Reed, Tiffany
Renzo Construction, LLC
Rodriquez, Richard
Ross, Cathy A.
Ross, Rory L.
Sam, Stanley A.
Sambi, Basant K.
Satterfield, Jerry L.
Scott, Keyra
Smith, Lois M.
Smith, Samuel C.
Sweitzer, Sarah
Taylor, Khalif A.
Trejo, Nelly E.
Wiggins, Chanella P.
Williams, Ashley A.
Williams, Florence I.
Williamson, Jeanine
Wilson, Valerie
Zarling, Dawayne G.

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