Walton EMC shares tips on remembering the No Planting Zone when gardening near power lines


It’s not a good idea to plant anything under power lines or around transformers.

Most people know it isn’t a good idea to plant trees under power lines. But even plants that won’t grow tall enough to reach power lines don’t belong under them.

Why? In an outage or during maintenance, our linemen use heavy trucks and other equipment. Your plants won’t survive being run over by these machines. We can’t replace plants in our easement that are damaged during the course of repair or maintenance.

The same goes for plants near our underground transformers. If our technicians have to repair or replace those devices, they’ll first cut shrubs so they can work safely.

To avoid this, plant at least 10 feet from the front of an underground transformer and at least 4 feet from the sides and back.

We want you to be happy with us and your electric service. So please keep plants, shrubs and trees well away from power lines and underground transformers.

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