Walton EMC Storm Preparation Guide in advance of potential winter storm

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With the possibility of a winter storm looming, Walton EMC wants you to remain safe and comfortable if the power goes out for an extended time. Check our tips, save this email for future reference, and then forward it to your friends and family.

Preparing 101

Although we’re always taking steps to prevent outages, they still occur due to car accidents, falling trees or powerful storms. If a tropical or winter storm causes a prolonged outage, you can remain safe and comfortable with the tips in this video.

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How We Restore Your Power

Follow along as we show the time-tested process Walton EMC uses to restore power after a major outage. We also answer your most-asked questions about the power restoration process in this video.

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Reporting Your Outage

The easiest and fastest way to report your outage is by using waltonemc.com or our mobile app. You can also check the latest status of outages across our system.

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Medically Fragile Patients

If you care for someone who is medically dependent on electricity, a contingency plan for prolonged outages is a must. See our recommendations and download a free plan template.

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Use Care With Generators

Portable generators are a great convenience when the power is out. But they require care to keep both you and others safe.

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Storm Safety

Stay safe in the aftermath of severe storms by following these rules.

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Food Safety During Outages

Consult this guide from the USDA on when to save food and when to throw it out during prolonged outages.

See the USDA Guide

We Want Your Lights Back On

One of the things our employees – and that’s ALL our employees – are most passionate about is getting the lights back on after a storm. We stand at the ready to get the job done.

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