Walton Living Magazine Commemorative Bicentennial Issue is in!

The Commemorative Bicentennial Issue of Walton Living Magazine is in and copies of the magazines are already available at many locations around the County. A special thank you to the writers, photographers and designers who helped make this issue one of a kind, and to the advertisers who are always so supportive. Without them, we couldn’t do it. In this issue specifically, a very special thank you to Larry Witcher, Steve Brown and the Monroe Museum for sharing so much of their knowledge, and their photographs, with us. We definitely could not have done it without them.

Walton Living Magazine Commemorative Bicentennial Issue.

Two hundred years of amazing history was hard to condense into one magazine, but we’re hoping it will give you a sense of how far we’ve come in Walton County since we first began. In it you will find stories and photographs that highlight the County’s early beginnings, the people and events that shaped its progress and how far it has come since that December day in 1818 when it all began.

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