WCSO to conduct active shooter seminars for the general public

Starting this month, the Walton County Sheriff’s Office will begin conducting active shooter training seminars for the general public.

“We have been conducting these for a while at specific locations, but for all comers, not just a specific church congregation or business,” said Capt. Scott Whisnant, training official for the WCSO. “This presentation is accredited through the alert program that has been adopted as a standard and one we train our deputies on. It is through the Texas State University.”

Whisnant said it is in the form of a seminar, not hands-on training. It is on a citizen’s response to an active shooter situation and although it will be condensed due to time restrictions, there is additional information that can be found on the web. He said it is important information for everybody to have.

“Most of these instances occur in business, through commerce. I know what we see in the news looks like its always at a church, or a school, but the vast number do occur in commerce – like the last one,” Whisnant said, referring to the shooting last week at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis that left five journalists dead.

The first seminar, titled “Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events” will take place at 6.30 p.m. on July 19, the Church at the Grove, 1050 Walnut Grove Parkway, Loganville, (next to the Walnut Grove library). It is a two part event. The active shooter seminar will be followed by a presentation of the “Stop the Bleed” campaign by Walton County Fire Rescue. Whisnant said it is likely to go on until about 9 p.m. because of the two events. The serious nature of this event is not intended for children under the age of 15. You do not have to be a Walton County resident to attend.

If you are unable to join this first event, Whisnant said there will be future dates.

“What we’re intending to do is go around and most likely find other church because they have the capacity to seat folks. Depending on the turnout, we will continue to do them monthly or every second month, depending on the turnout. This first one will be in Walnut Grove, but we will definitely go on to try and do one in Social Circle, in Loganville and other places as the interest holds,” Whisnant said.

To register, you are asked to call 770-267-1434 or email Scott.Whisnant@co.walton.ga.us


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