We get to welcome winter Wednesday and wonder whether we see snow again before 2018

Wednesday is officially the first day of Winter 2017/2018 and with a surprising fall snow just over a week ago, the big question in everybody’s mind is, “Will it snow again before the end of the year?” Well, that and “Will we finally see a White Christmas in the local area?”

Probably not a White Christmas say the weather experts, but there are a couple of chances of winter precipitation before the dawn of 2018.

According to Weather.com, it is expected to rain on Christmas Eve, with a high of 56 and a low of 37, a little too warm for snow. Christmas Day is expected to be partly cloudy and cold, with a high of 47 and a low of 28. It is then expected to stay really cold, with lows in the 20s and highs in the 40s between Christmas and New Year, without much of a chance of rain. That however, changes on Dec. 30 when the possibility of snow sneaks in with more possible on Jan. 1, 2018 to kick off the New Year.

All this, however, is subject to change with each new weather model. And in the meantime, look for thunderstorms and rain in the lead up to Christmas Eve. Click or tap on this link for the current, and likely changing, weather report.


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