Weather Alert: Colder than normal temperatures and frost possible overnight

The National Weather Service has issued a Special Weather Statement for overnight temperatures that are expected to be colder than normal. Patchy frost is also likely. The area this alert covers includes Walton and Gwinnett and surrounding counties. In the local area, temperatures are expected to drop down to 35 degrees by 7 a.m. tomorrow morning.

According to the NWS, “an unseasonably cold and dry airmass will settle across much of Georgia overnight. Wind speeds are expected to decrease to near calm late tonight under clear skies. The airmass should be too dry for widespread frost formation, but patchy frost is possible especially in sheltered areas towards sunrise. Overnight minimum temperatures will have to be closely monitored. If they are a few degrees below current forecast values, the Freeze Warning may have to be extended outside of the mountains of northeast Georgia.”

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