Weather Alert: Expect scattered thunderstorms for the next week

The local area is not expecting anywhere near the extremes they’re bracing for in Louisiana with Hurricane Barry, but the hazardous weather outlook is advising that Walton, Gwinnett and surrounding counties can expect scattered thunderstorms, with the potential for localized flooding, over the next week.

According to the National Weather Service at Peachtree City in the Hazardous Weather Outlook for the local area, Saturday afternoon and evening of July 13, 2019, could bring scattered thunderstorms, some of them possibly strong. The main hazard will be strong winds and frequent lightning along with heavy rainfall. The rainfall could lead to localized flooding in flood-prone areas. In Walton and Gwinnett, the Alcovy River puts the area in one of those flood-prone areas.

Going forward, scattered to “numerous” thunderstorms can be expected each day from Sunday through to Friday next week, again with the possibility of localized flooding in flood-prone areas.

Stay tuned for any watches or warnings that may be possible going forward.

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