Weather Alert: Kemp declares weather State of Emergency ahead of dangerous temperatures

National Weather Service

Wind Chill Advisory is in effect through Saturday

Wednesday was officially the first day of Winter and we are about to really feel it. With sub zero wind chills possible by Friday night, Gov. Brian Kemp has declared a Weather State of Emergency for all 159 Georgia counties. This became effective Wednesday.

The State of Emergency allows for essential supplies, such as propane, to be delivered for commercial and residential needs and allows the state Department of Transportation to begin preparing brine trucks to treat state routes and the interstates. Statewide, crews are preparing for potentially dangerous road conditions and trees and power lines down.

“Temperatures as we know it likely won’t reach 40 degrees across Georgia until Monday afternoon,” Kemp said.

In Walton County, during the day Thursday we may hit 49 degrees and that’s likely to feel almost balmy for what’s to come. By Thursday night we expect to drop down to 20 and by the next day we’re not expected to get above 24. Overnight Friday we will be down to 9 degrees and with 20 mph wind it will feel much lower than that.

These temperatures are dangerous. The National Weather Services gives the following advice:

Monitor the latest forecasts for updates on this situation. Now is the time to start preparing for the very cold temperatures. If you are traveling by car during this time, keep your phone charged, pack extra clothes and blankets and bring extra food in case you become stranded. Start making preparations for livestock and bring your pets inside. Start winterizing faucets and pipes.

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