WGES PTO looks to form ‘Anna’s Army’ for 7-year-old student battling serious heart condition

Anna is a 7-year-old Walnut Grove Elementary School student who is currently going through a really tough time. Her whole life she has been battling a heart condition that has not only made life really difficult for her, but it has also put a strain on the family’s financial situation. Well, her insurance has now been canceled just as she began to experience flare-ups in her condition. Anna was born with a heart condition called Atrial fibrillation and Supraventricular tachycardia.

“For the past 2 weeks she has been having a lot of complications and missing a lot of school,” said Anna’s mother, Ali Pizzo. Well with her insurance canceled, the family is at a loss on how to proceed. “It’s very hard. My emotions are running so high for my baby. Unfortunately, we don’t qualify for Medicaid. I’ve been looking into grants and other financial services but everything’s a waiting game up to 60 days. And for 2 weeks she’s been having Afib episodes at school and she desperately needs to go have more testing done at CHOA (Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta), but it’s very expensive.”


The WGES PTO has got involved and set up up a Facebook Page, dubbed “Anna’s Army,” in an attempt to get help for the family.
“We ALL know how costly Doctors are and the strain any kind of medical condition can put on a family! She also NEEDS another opinion on her condition because the doctors she has seen are not giving her the answers she needs and are not keeping her health under control! Well her amazing mom found a doctor in Kentucky, and once again the expenses are gonna be OUTRAGEOUS! Anna being one of our precious students at Walnut Grove Elementary we  (Walnut Grove Elementary School PTO) have fallen in love with this precious little angel and her family! Anna is a literal angel on earth and the happiest child we have ever met, even when she is not feeling good she has a smile on her face, and let’s just say her smile really does light up a room,” the GoFundMe page reads. “We are starting this go fund me page to HELP this amazing little girl get the care she NEEDS and to help her sweet mamma with trying to take the stress of bills off her mind, bc all she needs to have to worry about is her baby girl! Please HELP us as we try and help this little girl and her family! We truly BELIEVE that God will Bless this baby girl through our WONDERFUL community! We are hoping we can come together and all “Help Her Fight” as we all will most definitely become…………Anna’s Army!”
In the meantime, her mother and stepfather are trying to get the insurance reinstated and possibly some other grants or financial aid to help get Anna’s treatment back on track. If you can help, click or tap on this link for the GoFundMe Page to become one of the soldiers in Anna’s Army.

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