What is your favorite backyard BBQ item on the grill?

Let us know if you’d like a chance to share it in an upcoming issue of Walton Living Magazine

Take a walk around any local neighborhood or community over the summer and chances are you’re going to arrive home hungry. The aroma of tasty backyard grilling is sure to temp your taste buds.

So what is your favorite item to cook on the grill, or smoker… or griddle this outdoor summer cooking season? Is there someone in your outdoor cooking circle who you’re always going to invite or whose invitation you’re never going to turn down largely because of that special dish they’re going to bring to the occasion?

If so, we’d like to hear who that chef is and what the special dish is – be it meat, fish, veggies, bread or anything else!

As an example, here is one from my family (well, really my husband’s specialty). Let’s just call it the “Bacon Onion.”

Another one that comes from my old South African heritage is the “Braai Broodjies” – translation “Barbecue Bread.” It is a little complicated to explain, and truthfully to prepare too, but oh so worth it. If you’re feeling culinary confident, go ahead and give it a try! Click or tap on this link for the instructions.

In the meantime, Walton Living Magazine is looking to feature some local grilling favorites in the upcoming issue at the end of the month and we would like to share some examples of what’s been cooking in local backyards this summer. If you have some great examples to share (in the next 10 days to make the deadline), please share them (and some photos) with me at sharon@waltonliving.com or in a message on Facebook through Loganville Local News or Monroe Local.

It could help make this summer’s issue of Walton Living Magazine a collectors item of ideas for future summer grilling seasons.

Happy July 4th! I hope your backyard cookout is everything you hoped it would be!

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