What to do if a Power Line Hits Your Car

Public service announcement by Walton EMC

You’re minding your own business when suddenly a power line comes crashing down on your vehicle. Here’s what you should do to stay safe:

  1. If your vehicle still runs, drive away.
    Simply drive from under the wire and move to a safe distance.
  2. If your vehicle is stalled, STAY INSIDE.
    You’ll be fine if you stay put. The car’s body directs the electric current around you. It’s okay to touch things inside the car and use your cell phone.
  3. Call 911. Next, call Walton EMC.
  4. Keep bystanders and others away.
    Shout to bystanders not to come near or touch the vehicle. Touching the vehicle and ground at the same time will complete the electrical path to ground, resulting in electrocution.
  5. Sit tight until help arrives.
    Don’t get out of your car until a Walton EMC line technician gives you the all clear.

illustration of exiting a car in an electrical emergency


  • Open the door.
  • Stand on the rocker panel (the steel just below the door) with both feet together. Make sure to control your arm movements. Jump from the car with both feet together. NEVER ALLOW ANY PART OF YOUR BODY TO BE IN CONTACT WITH THE CAR AND GROUND AT THE SAME TIME!
  • While keeping both feet together, gently hop away from the car. Don’t try big hops that could cause you to lose your balance and fall.
  • At a safe distance, slowly spread your feet apart. If you feel a tingle, put your feet back together and hop further away.

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